The DBMC2-HBS Smart ANC Codec integrates SoundChip’s (now part of DSP Group) patented Soundflex® technology to deliver authentic, high-resolution, 192 kHz/32 bit audio playback with a suite of advanced features, including Framed Adaptive™ sound processing and Smartaware™ augmented audio. Unlike high-latency digital-only active noise cancellation (ANC) techniques, Soundflex technology combines zero-latency, digitally-controlled analog feedback ANC processing with low-latency, high-order digital feed-forward ANC filters to achieve the highest levels of ANC performance.


Advanced adaptive processing

To dynamically configure codec settings and filter parameters on-the-fly, the DBMC2-HBS integrates an ARC® EM5D microcontroller (MCU), abundant internal memory and a plethora of digital interfaces, including SPI, I2C, and UART. This suite of powerful internal processing resources enables the deployment of advanced sound processing features, including Framed Adaptive ANC, Leakage Compensation and Wearer Detection, which allow the headset to autonomously respond to changes in product fit or the ambient sound conditions. Meanwhile, to support beam-forming and other processor-intensive algorithms, on-chip audio and microphone signals can be sample-synchronized and shared externally.


Versatile, low-power operation

By adopting a highly configurable audio processing architecture and integrating an advanced power management unit (PMU), the DBMC2-HBS provides product integrators with the ability to optimize the performance, power consumption and bill-of-materials of each headphone design. In addition, during product use, non-active on-chip processing resources may be selectively disabled in response to changes in use-case, operating mode or power level to reduce power consumption, further extending headphone battery life.


Streamlined production test

The DBMC2-HBS’s patented Testlink™ interface streamlines the high-throughput testing and calibration of Hybrid ANC headphones. Fully compatible with SoundChip’s Soundstation Production™ test infrastructure, Testlink furnishes precise, sample-aligned measurement data to the test system to enable the headphone’s calibration using advanced transfer function-based methods. Such an approach has been proven to deliver more consistent, higher-yield production outcomes than alternative techniques which rely on calculating the difference between ANC on/off noise spectra.


A codec for next-generation hearables

The DBMC2-HBS Smart ANC Codec has been engineered by experts in system-level audio to empower next-generation wireless in-ear, on-ear and over-ear headphones with class-leading performance and a suite of highly-differentiated smart audio features

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