The DBMD8/DBMD8S/DBMD8D are ultra-low power voice and sensor processors for battery-operated devices such as mobile handsets, IoT, wearables, etc. The processors implement various applications such as voice trigger (VT), voice authentication (VA), voice command (VC), sensor data processing, and equalizer functionality. Based on the TeakLite-III™ DSP, the DBMD8/DBMD8S/DBMD8D have all necessary interfaces to communicate with other devices in the system, such as the application processor (AP), codec, microphones, and sensors.

Key features include: a low-power, programmable DSP processor; an ultra-low power architecture that includes multiple power modes that implement both clock gating and power switching; a rich set of interfaces; a small form factor, suitable for mobile devices; self-contained operation, with a simple interface to the AP; and an integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

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