• Starter Kit for Application SW Development on both Hub and Device sides of the link
  • Dongle is the DECT-ULE Hub. DU-EB is the ULE Dual-Mode Device based on the DHAN-T Module
  • The Dongle is plugged into a PC running the DSPG Test Application GUI (Windows only) or the using the HAN Client-Server command line tool
  • The DU-EB can be operated in one of two modes (as depicted above)
    • Accompanied by the CMND Simulator running on a PC (Windows)
    • Plugged into an Arduino R3 type development platform (like ST Nucleo or Arduino)
  • A baseline SW reference package called ULEasy is available for the STM32L4 processor

 Ordering Information

To order your ULE Starter Kit-System Development Tool, send a request to Typically, kits are available for immediate shipment

 System  Development Tool SW Package

Name Link Name Description
ULEasy Starter Kit Pack ULEasy SW Package Includes sample code for STM32, HAN Client and CMND and HAN simulators

System Development Tool Documentation

Name Link Name Description
ULE System Development Tool Brief ULE System Development Tool Brief Brief description of Tool
Getting Started-ULE Gettingstart-ULE Tutorial on using the System Development Tool
DECT-ULE Expansion Board Data Brief DECT-ULE EB Brief Brief description of Expansion Board
DECT-ULE USB Dongle Brief DECT-ULE USB Dongle Brief Brief description of Dongle
DECT-ULE Expansion Board User Manual Dect-ule-expansion-board-users-manual Detailed User Manual for the DHAN-J Expansion Board
DECT-ULE Expansion Board Database du-eb-database Schematics, Layout and BOM
ULE-USB Dongle Data Sheet Dongle Data Sheet ULE Dongle Specification

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