DECT-ULE Products
System-On-Chip (SOCs) IoT Application Developers with radio design and production know-how are encouraged to consider designing a ULE Node/Device using DSP Group’s DHX91/DHX101 68/88-pin SOC in a discrete design. Developers needing to integrate a DECT-ULE Hub into a gateway, over-the-top-box or some other focal point of the star network, can consider a discrete design with the DCX81 68/88-pin SOC. Modules For Developers with an aggressive Time-to-Market objective, a practical solution is to embed a DSP Group module within the application PCB. The DHAN-S module targets low powered devices or clients (Portable Part in DECT nomenclature) providing audio, Ultra-Low Energy (ULE) messaging and data transfer services within an IoT system. The DHAN-T targets similar applications and is particularly well-suited for battery-powered devices that need to respond quickly to an incoming page from the ULE Hub. The DHAN-T also features an on-board printed antenna and an option to transfer audio digitally to an external network or audio processor or Codec. Both DHAN-S and DHAN-T include microphone and speaker interfaces for applications utilizing audio links. Both these modules can be paired (via UART) with a Host Application Processor that interfaces with the sensor or actuator or, alternatively, the on-module stack can be customized to suit “standalone” ULE applications. For a Hub supporting both ULE and traditional Cordless devices the DHAN-M module is offered. The module can be supplied with control via either UART or USB. In the former case, digitized audio is transferred to the Host Processor via TDM. In the case of USB, USB audio class is used.     DHAN Module Features
  • Excellent radio performance, with over 123dB system gain
  • Radio covers all regional DECT bands. A simple re-configuration of the EEPROM is required
  • Low external BOM
  • On-board antenna simplifies product design (DHAN-T and DHAN-M)
  • Well-matched RF port, easily routed to an off-module 50-Ohm antenna (DHAN-S)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to+85° C
  • Compliance with regulatory standards: EN301406, FCC Part 15.329 & ARIB STD-T101
  • Embedded DECT-ULE SW stack (DHAN-S/T with Device stack, DHAN-M with Hub stack)
  • Well-documented API for control via external MCU using the serial UART interface
  • Low-power Hibernation mode (DHAN-S/T) enables long-lifetime battery power IoT applications
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Module Name Part # Size (mm) on-board Ant Diversity Ant Hibernation Mode Control I/F TDM I/F Application Domains
DHAN-S DHX91MDMCFBG6AMI 20.7×15.5×3.7 No No Yes UART No ULE Dual-Mode Device
DHAN-M DCX81MD0CFAE5AMI 27.2×15.2×3.3 Yes Yes No UART CMBS Yes DECT-ULE Hub
DCX81MDHCFAE5AMI UART (AT Commands) CMHS Audio Device
DHAN-T DHX101MDMDFDA0AMI 27.2×16.9×3.3 Yes No Yes UART Yes ULE Pageable Devices


Document Name Link Content
DHAN-S Module Data Sheet DHAN-S Module Module Data Sheet
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182170200_AA_00_final DHAN-M IC Certificate for Industry Canada License Exempt PCS Device
182180750_AA_00_final DHAN-M FCC TCB Grant of Equipment Authorization, FCC Part 15D
182140344_AA_00_final DHAN-M DOC Declaration of Conformance to EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

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