DSP Group’s DHAN-T module is based on the state-of-the-art DHX101 – a 4th generation DECT SoC. The DHAN-T module is well suited for all DECT and ULE device applications. The DHAN-T software stack includes standard DECT-ULE MAC-PHY connectivity as well as HAN-FUN (ULE Alliance Standard) functionality for Dual-Mode (data and audio) ULE. The application software written by the customer typically runs the DHX101 within the DHAN-T. However, the application host can also run on external MCU which communicates with the DHAN-T via a UART interface.

Features include excellent radio performance, with over 119 dB system gain; a printed antenna in the module; the radio covers all regional DECT bands, only a simple re-configuration of the EEPROM is required; the radio is fully compliant with ETSI DECT and ULE standards, and has been certified by FCC, ETSI and IC (Canadian) regulatory bodies. Module is compact, measuring 27.2×16.9×3.3 mm (including the RF shield height); requiring  minimal external BOM; operating temperature spanning -40˚C to 85˚C.


DHAN-T Module