DSP Group’s DHX101 chipset is a flexible, high-performance and highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) for Ultra Low Energy (ULE) wireless communication. It is ideal for smart home and smart energy applications such as home automation, security, monitoring, metering, healthcare and others. Combining unique ULE features with high level of integration and optimized connectivity to various types of sensors, as well as state of the art RF, the DHX101 is the most cost-optimized solution for home area network (HAN) applications. The DHX101 chipset includes all required functions of a digital baseband controller and ULE module, including hibernation mode, various peripherals, RF transceiver, and audio and video capabilities. The chipset supports worldwide DECT/DECT ULE.

The DHX101 is a drop-in replacement for DSP Group’s DHX91, offering enhanced support for ULE SmartVoice applications, improved battery lifetime, and support for advanced encoder/decoder (Opus/CELT) for high-quality music streaming.

To shorten development time and lower cost for developers, DSP Group provides complete hardware and software reference designs for the DHX101.


DHX101 Module

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