The DVF101 solution is a chipset based on two SoCs: the DVFD101 dual-core VoIP application processor and the DVFA101 complete audio front end for high-end desktop IP phones. It targets high-performance, low-power communication devices for the Enterprise and Consumer segments. The DVF101 chipset enables ODMs/OEMs to provide an ideal solution for high-end voice terminals with rich graphic user interface (GUI) and color displays with SWB support.

The DVFD101 has advanced memory support and aims for low power consumption and energy-efficiency features. It has a dedicated signal processing core for real-time tasks like voice, and this core is isolated form the application processor core. The application processor runs the applications and GUI, which is based on a Linux kernel.

The DVFD101 integrates all networking and peripheral interfaces required for the target communication devices. It enables seamless connectivity via Ethernet (RGMII), USB 2.0, SDIO 3.0, a 16-bit 533 MHz DDR3 interface, supporting 1080p60 display via MIPI-DSI and storage capability with eMMC interface. The DVFD101 also incorporates a complete cryptographic engine supporting AES/DES/3DES and Hashing functions, including HW TRNG and OTP for secure boot.

The DVFA101 is a complete audio front end addressing all audio in/out functionality expected from high-end VoIP terminals, providing up to 4 mic inputs, 3 speaker outputs, and an embedded 2 W Class D amplifier.

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