DSP Group’s hearables solutions include Smart ANC Codecs with patented Soundflex® technology, as well as SoCs for DECT/ULE wireless and advanced low-power voice user interfaces (VUI) and sensor processing. Soundflex uses Framed Adaptive™ sound processing and Smartaware™ augmented audio. Unlike high-latency digital-only active noise cancellation (ANC) methods it combines zero-latency, digitally-controlled analog feedback ANC processing, with low-latency, high-order digital feed-forward ANC filters to achieve the highest levels of ANC performance.

TWS headsets

DSP Group provides state of the art hybrid ANC SoCs. 

DECT headsets

DSP Group provides low-power DECT 1.9 GHz voice connectivity SoC solutions with advanced audio codecs, VUI, and state-of-the art ANC. 


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