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DSP Group provides designers with the hardware, software, and technical support they need to design ultra-reliable and trustworthy voice user interfaces (VUIs) and sensor and artificial intelligence (AI) processing into next-generation systems.

Set top boxes

Multi-core AI and DSP processors for audio and voice applications requiring a far-field voice user interface, voice communications, and audio host processing. Features support for 2, 4, or 8 microphones.

Remote controls & TVs

SoCs for remote controls and TVs to enable ultra-low-power, highly accurate Wake-Word detection, voice commands, far-field voice capability, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), advanced noise reduction and sensor and AI processing.


SoCs enable far-field VUIs) and voice communications for smart speakers, with support of up to eight microphones. Featuring superior beam-forming, AEC for barge-in capabilities, and support for multiple local, embedded, and remote cloud automated speech recognition (ASR) engines.

Accessibility Toolbar

Accessibility Toolbar