Analyst Quotes


“The ability of traditional DECT gateways that are already deployed in the field today to support ULE products with only a firmware update is a significant driving force behind the ULE technology. This can be a major advantage to operators looking to offer additional services based on low-power wireless technologies in order to increase user revenues or reduce customer churn, as separate gateways do not have to be deployed”.
Lisa Arrowsmith, Associate Director for Connectivity, IHS

Strategy Analytics

“Effective and power-efficient voice activation is increasingly crucial in today’s mobile device arena, where on-the-go consumers require truly eye-free and hands-free input options. Together with HDClear, DBMD2 delivers accurate, robust, and low-power voice activation – maintaining battery life and prolonging handset usage. Leveraging DSP Group’s patent-pending technology, the jointly-developed solution can also effectively distinguish between the speaker and surrounding voices, eliminating false wake-ups and even further reducing power consumption. This new solution reduces the barriers and addresses the pain-points for mobile device users to use voice as one of the key interaction mediums, taking it to the next level”.
Neil Shah, Senior Analyst, Strategy Analytics

Forward Concepts

“As the multimedia device business is picking up, DSP Group’s XpandR solution looks very promising in its value to the wireless multimedia screens and handsets market”.
Will Strauss, Principle analyst, Forward Concepts

Current Analysis

“DSP Group is in a unique space, they have a good niche that’s not occupied by many vendors and there’s no reason for them not to be very successful. The demand for hours of video consumption on handsets, the need for more applications for mobile and a home gateway integration – all these show that they are in a good direction”.
Ron Westfall, Research Director, Silicon, Current Analysis

Strategy Analytics

“DECT ULE positions DSP Group to leverage the millions of DECT gateways already installed and being shipped into the market for home automation applications. It’s perfect for retrofit and DIY installations.”
Bill Ablondi, Director, Smart Home Systems, Strategy Analytics
“Certainly DSP Group has nice looking products. I’m pleased that they are not overlooking things like DNLA”.
Peter King, Research Director, Connected Home Devices, Strategy Analytics
“DSP Group is in a good position to face the challenge. Many vendors of cellular processors are trying to add the capabilities that DSP Group already has. Their strategy is different and that’s good”.
Chris Taylor, Research Director, RF & Wireless Components, Strategy Analytics

Parks Associates

“The strength of the DECT ULE home automation solutions is its alignment with the telecom operator interest. Telecom and cable operators would prefer to eliminate the additional cost of the separate box and integrate the home automation gateway and controller into the home router. In addition, operators prefer to have most of the software that is currently in the home control gateway moved to the cloud so that the combined box moves more toward a simple pass through device. The DECT solution, which is already integrated into many gateways, is designed to address these needs”.
Tom Kerber, Research Director, Parks Associates

“With a mature technology like 11n on the road map, DSP Group is hitting all the right areas. There’s a multiple direction to pursue, bringing information with them to the homes is very beneficial for clients”.
Harry Wang, Research Director, Parks Associates

“DSP Group’s chipset allows users to flip and access interactive TV content and advertising on cordless multimedia phones. This is a radical change from turning the TV to an interactive portal. The ability to display and toggle incoming caller ID information on the TV is also unique. Your solution is a profit generator for operators, in that it lets them leverage the broadband gateway to deliver additional, value-added features and services.”.
Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates

Francis Sideco

“With the increasing demand for seamless access to content, services and applications regardless of location or device, solutions enabling the vision of true integration and convergence of home and mobile devices is of great interest to large national and international operators… companies such as DSP Group who are providing the first solutions in this space are putting themselves in a great position to maximize on this opportunity”.
Sr. PrincipalAnalyst, Wireless Communications, IHS iSuppli