Targeting home, enterprise, and mobile markets, DSP Group’s comprehensive chipset portfolio reduces development risk costs, and shortens time to market.

ODMs and service providers use our system-on-chips (SoCs), hardware reference packages (HDKs) and software development packages (SDKs) to rapidly and cost-effectively develop cutting edge consumer electronics and business products.

HDClear™ – Voice Enhancement For Mobile & IoT – DBM Family

DSP Group’s DBM family of SoCs - DBMD2 (D2A3X) and DBMD4 (DSP D4A1A) - offers the ultimate noise-cancellation experience to users of mobile phones, wearable
devices, tablets, DECT wireless and wired headsets, and fixed-line corded or cordless phones.
The DBM chipsets are available in small footprints and embed DSP Group’s advanced HDClear™ technology. DBM
chipsets dramatically suppress background noise for far-end users, enhance privacy for near-end speakers, and
maximize performance of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines.

The DBMD2 chip is DSP Group’s most advanced solution for voice communications. It supports a rich set of voice processing features to significantly enhance voice call quality, intelligibility and speech recognition accuracy, including:

• Noise suppression for the far-end listener
• Noise reduction and speech conditioning for the near-end listener
• Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
• Flexispeech – variable speech playback for the hearing impaired
• Flexible Listening Experience (FLE) – automatic adjustment of incoming
  voice when the near-end listener is in a noisy environment
• Ultra-low power voice activation and voice command

DSP Group’s DBMD4 (Part number D4A1A) is an innovative audio/voice processor for smartphones, wearable and IoT devices, DBMD4 (Part number D4A1A) enables device activation and operation via voice commands while maintaining extremely low power consumption and high performance using pre-process algorithms such as noise reduction, beam-forming and Acoustic Echo Canceling (AEC).

  • High-performance, ultra-low power audio/voice DSP platform
  • Programmable DSP core
    • Autonomous operation while application processor is either in sleep mode or performing other tasks
  • Rich set interfaces
  • Small footprint
  • Comprehensive software frameworks for fast time-to-market


HDClear™ – Voice Enhancement for Mobile

Enterprise Voice – DVF Family

popupA top three silicon vendor for enterprise voice, DSP Group offers the DVF chipset family. Our DVF SoCs family is a
comprehensive solution for developing affordable, scalable and green VoIP home and office products. DVF facilitates
rapid introduction of embedded features into residential devices such as cordless IP and instant messaging (IM) phones.
DVF enables development of low-power enterprise IP, analog terminal adapters (ATAs) and home VoIP phones that offer
superb acoustic echo cancellation, high-quality HD voice, multi-line capabilities, and an enhanced user interface (UI).
Built on an open platform with ARM processors running on Linux OS, DVF includes IPfonePro™, an extensive SDK for
IP phones and ATAs.
DVF99, the latest member of the DVF family, provides outstanding cost/performance value for mid-range to high-end IP
phones. Designed specifically to meet Tier 1 requirements, DVF99 fully complements existing DSP Group solutions, including
DVFD818 VoIP processors for low- and mid-range applications, and the XpandR® media processor for video IP devices.


Enterprise VoIP

IOT/ULE (Ultra Low Energy) Family

popupDSP Group is leading the ULE revolution to meet the growing demand in the Home Area Network (HAN) market for
efficient low-power, wireless solutions.
An extension of DECT, the new ULE standard enables development of multi-year, battery-run HAN applications that
enjoy all of the advantages of DECT, such as interference-free connectivity and extended range. Leveraging its long-term
technological and market leadership in DECT applications, DSP Group designed the architecture for ULE and is driving
its adoption, together with the DECT Forum and the ULE Alliance.
DSP Group offers an advanced ULE family of chips, as well as a comprehensive ULE and HAN FUN (Transport and
Application layer) protocol.
The DHX91 is a low-power chipset solution for home automation and security. Equipped with audio capabilities and a
powerful ARM926™ processor, it implements hibernation features to deliver advanced ULE.
The ULE base utilizes existing and proven cordless SoCs, functioning as a standalone ULE over the top box (DVF99)
and embedded module for home gateways (DCX81).


ULE for Home Automation and Security

DECT ULE Modules

DECT- Enabled Home Gateway (HGW) – DCX Family

popupDSP Group’s DCX chipset family for HGW and FMC provide advanced DECT cordless capabilities including HD voice
quality, multi-line, multi-handset and ULE support, while integrating the most advanced CAT-iq 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 (SUOTA)
The DCX family is a low-power Flash and ROM-based chipset solution targeting mid- to high-range cordless applications.
Built on an open platform with powerful ARM9™ core processing capabilities, the cost effective DCX family delivers
unsurpassed telephony coverage and HD voice features


Home Gateways, CAT-iq and FMC

DECT Cordless – DCE and DCX Families

popupA market leader in DECT and next-generation CAT-iq cordless technology, DSP Group offers a wide range of cost-effective, highly-integrated SoC solutions. Delivering high-quality audio with notably low power consumption, our field-proven chipset solutions are ideal for totally integrated digital cordless telephony, home automation and security, and DECT-enabled gateways.

DSP Group’s cordless chipset solutions are available in two chipset families:
• The DCE family is a highly integrated, low-power ROM-based chipset solution, delivering enhanced audio and extended range         for entry-level applications.
• The DCX family is a low-power, Flash and ROM-based chipset solution targeting mid-to-high-range cordless applications.
  Built on an open platform with powerful ARM9™ core processing capabilities, the cost-effective DCX family delivers unsurpassed
  telephony coverage and HD voice features.


Cordless Phones


System-On-Chip (SOCs)
IoT Application Developers with radio design and production know-how are encouraged to consider designing a ULE Node/Device using DSP Group's DHX91 68 -pin SOC in a discrete design. Developers needing to integrate a DECT-ULE Hub into a gateway, over-the-top-box or some other focal point of the star network, can consider a discrete design with the DCX81 68-pin SOC.

Modules For Developer's with agressive Time-to-Market goals, a practical solution is to embed  a DSP Group module into the applicarion PCB. Currently available is the DHAN-S Module which can be used in a ULE Dual-Mode (data and audio) application on the Device side as well as a data-only ULE application on the Hub side. The DHAN-S does not include an antenna. By the end of 2017, the DHAN-J will be offered which will feature an on-board antenna and regulatory certification that can be leveraged by the customer. Both these modules can be paired (via UART) with a Host Application Processor that interfaces with the sensor or actuator. Alternatively, the the on-board stack can be customized to suit "standalone" ULE applications.

For a full-fledged Hub supporting a both ULE and traditional Cordless devices, DSP Group will soon  make available (end of 2017) the DHAN-M Module. This module has both UART and USB interfaces (for control) as well as a TDM interface for exchange of PCM audio with the Host Processor. This module can also be used for a DECT Device high-end, smart audio applications where the Host Processor includes a microphone and speaker and requires wireless access to a phone-line (PSTN or VOIP).

Module Name Module Part # Module Applications
DHAN-S DHX91MDMCFBE6AMI ULE Dual-Mode Device, ULE Hub (without Voice)
DHAN-J DHX91MDMCFCE7AMI ULE Dual-Mode Device, ULE Hub (without Voice)
DHAN-M DCX81MD0CFAE5AMI DECT-ULE Hub (with Voice), DECT Node (Voice via TDM)



Document Name Link Content
DHAN-S Module Data Sheet DHAN-S Module Module Data Sheet
DHAN-M Module Data Sheet DHAN-M Module Module Data Sheet
DHAN-J Module Data Sheet DHAN-J Module Module Data Sheet

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