DSP Group offers a broad portfolio of integrated technologies for diverse voice, audio, data and multimedia applications. Maintaining extensive expertise and a leading position in DECT/DECT6.0/JDECT, CAT-iq 1.0/2.0/2.1/3.0 (SOUTA), 2.4GHz, PSTN, Wi-Fi, and VoIP. We also leverage 25 years of audio processing experience to an array of new technologies that are shaping converged communications at home, in the office, and in mobile devices. These advanced technologies include a revolutionary HDClear algorithm for the mobile devices and Ultra Low Energy (ULE) and VoIP.

Voice and Audio

Providing the wireless industry’s most advanced chipset solutions, DSP Group offers innovative voice/audio technologies and advanced algorithms that extend the effective range of clear voice communications for CAT-iq/DECT and worldwide DECT cordless telephones – without increasing power and emission levels. In addition, we implement noise-reduction, acoustic echo cancellation and voice-enhancement algorithms that enhance voice intelligibility and provide a markedly better overall user experience. 

ULE (Ultra Low Energy)

DSP Group is spearheading development of ULE for home area network (HAN) applications, including home automation & security, safety, energy management, climate control and healthcare. Responsible for designing the ULE architecture that implements Hibernation features, we are driving ULE’s adoption by the DECT Forum, ETSI and the ULE Alliance.

Voice Intelligibility and Noise Reduction

HDClear™ technology eliminates the traditional tradeoff between voice intelligibility and noise reduction. It delivers measurably higher and more consistent voice quality and intelligibility to mobile users, even in noisy surroundings. HDClear low power and small footprint enable easy integration in mobile and wearable devices. HDClear technology extends voice data acquisition from multi microphones. After the combined input is processed, our Vocal algorithm is applied to the acquired data to enable diverse voice processing tasks such as: echo and background noise cancellation, maximized effectiveness of automatic speech recognition (ASR) engines, loudness equalization, and general voice enhancement. 

Cordless Telephony

The world leader in cordless telephony for over two decades, DSP Group promotes both traditional and next-generation cordless technologies. The company is an active member of the DECT Forum, holding a position on the board and chairing a number of key working groups (WGs), including WG USA, WG Marketing, WG Japan and WG Ultra Low Energy. This involvement is complemented by our active participation in other relevant Forum working groups, as well as in the ETSI Technical Committee for DECT (TC DECT). 


DSP Group has been deeply involved in all stages of defining CAT-iq since its inception, including participating in the DECT Forum and defining ETSI DECT NG specifications. DSP Group is also an active member of the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), and supports CableLabs’ specification activities. 


DSP Group is recognized for its worldwide leadership in VoIP, maintaining the fastest growing market share in this domain and offering the advantage of seamless scalability to DECT. DSP Group provides best-in-class audio quality and cost-effective solutions for low-to-mid-range VoIP applications, which can be seamlessly extended to high-end applications. 


DSP Group’s embedded video technology addresses the latest video requirements for multimedia devices, applying multi-format decode, encode, pre- and post-video processing for video up to 1080p. Our comprehensive high-end video solution provides state-of-the-art video quality.


DSP Group’s XpandR®, the only SoC solution that supports both Wi-Fi and DECT, showcases our extensive experience in both traditional and emerging wireless technologies. XpandR is certified for 802.11a/b/g/n, including WPS, WPA2, WMM-PS, enabling connections among Wi-Fi devices anywhere and anytime, whether or not they connect to a traditional Wi-Fi network.

Radio Frequency (RF)

DSP Group is a leading provider of RF chips, covering all RF bands used in cordless and wireless applications. These bands include 1.7 GHz-1.9 GHz (DECT for the EU, US, LATAM Japan-DECT and Korea), 2.4 GHz (EDCT/WDCT and FHSS DECT), 5.8 GHz (EDCT/WDCT), and Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). Designed with CMOS technology, DSP Group’s new generation of chips incorporates all required RF functionality on a single chip, including RF transceiver, LNA, PA and channel filters.