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Acoustic Engineer

United Kingdom

About The Position

DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG) is a global leader in wireless communications and voice processing chipsets and algorithms for a wide range of smart-enabled devices. We seek to consistently deliver next-generation solutions in the areas of voice, audio, video, and data connectivity. We are looking for a talented and experienced Acoustic Engineer to join our challenging and revolutionary journey.

You are:

·        Team player, skilled at operating with in-house and external engineers;

·        Clear, logical thinker with demonstrable problem-solving skills;

·        Practical outlook and associated manual dexterity, willing to intervene personally with artifacts;

·        Self-motivated worker, willing to take ownership and be held accountable;


You will:

·        Undertake audio product development in accord with company development objectives and processes under the direction of the Technology Centre - Team Leader;

·        Perform strategic electro-acoustic research and development, supporting the innovation of next-generation concepts;

·        Conduct measurement, evaluation, and development of electro-acoustic platforms, in support of product development and benchmarking;

·        Contribute to the development and maintenance of the corporate knowledge base;

·        Subscribe to total quality management/continuous process improvement initiatives, and Support customer technical inquiries and troubleshooting;

·        Diligent application of the scientific method in strategic and short-term work;

·        Establish and maintain internal and external relationships and Completion of formal appraisal procedures and subsequent personal development actions.


  • You have at least 3 years of proven experience in professional engineering in relation to audio applications that have been successfully introduced into mass production.

·        You have practical skills in the engineering design and the development of headphones and earphones (or, at least, active loudspeakers), underpinned by an understanding of and intuition for: the operation of loudspeakers, the effects of interactions between loudspeakers and their loads and (preferably), the operation of miniature transducers close to the ear.

·        You hold a degree or (preferably) a post-graduate degree in acoustic engineering (or a closely allied discipline), to include:

-         Completion of courses in “Signals and Systems” to cover linear systems analysis, Fourier Methods, statistics of time series, etc., and appreciation of the fundamental methods of DSP (to include time discretization and the DFT, quantization effects, and digital filtering);

-         Understanding of practical engineering metrology, including an appreciation of the significance of frequency response measurements, signal to noise ratio, and dynamic range as applied to the measurement of LTI systems.

-          Some understanding of Classical Control Theory.

·        You have professional knowledge (and preferably experience) of Active Noise Cancellation, as applied to personal audio devices;

·        You have skills in the use of technical computing and proficiency in MATLAB;

  • You have previous experience in programming DSP devices for audio applications;

·        You have the understanding of acoustic instrumentation (excepting methods used within “environmental acoustics”) and appreciation of methods of acoustic calibration;

·        You have technical authoring skills allied with Educational or “Ambassadorial” aptitudes; and

·        You are able to travel and perform extra-ordinary duties outside normal working hours.

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