ARM licenses its technology to semiconductor and systems companies worldwide that focus on manufacturing, applications and marketing. DSP Group integrates ARM technology within its wireless chipset solutions for converged communications at home.
Founded in 2000, A&W has consistently devoted itself to developing multimedia and wireless connection technologies in the software arena. With its vision of a world where people get closer and share more, A&W has set a clear and simple goal: Connecting multimedia for mobile lifestyles! By connecting multimedia and developing communication between people, A&W creates an intimate network that allows people to truly enjoy an entertaining and boundary-free world. From personal information sharing, multimedia assistance, which includes music, voice, videos, and photos, wireless connection, to personal health care, A&W pursuits the goal of maximizing the communication possibility, and assures you a free lifestyle with more convenience, higher efficiency, and better life quality.
Bithium is specialized in the development of innovative wireless communications equipment and systems. The company has strong background experience in DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) and its variants, being among the first to develop and deliver DECT based data communication solutions since 2001. Its new line of technology products includes Wireless VoIP terminal technology.
Crow Group
The Crow Group designs and manufactures advanced security solutions for the worldwide integrated security market as well as DECT-ULE and ZigBee based peripherals and devices to create smart homes and improve safety, security, home automation and energy management for any family.
Founded in 2001, Dirac Research is a premier R&D company specializing in high-performance digital sound optimization, room correction and sound field synthesis. The company was founded by researchers from the Signals & Systems Group of Uppsala University, Sweden, where its founders have been conducting research for many years. With Dirac’s patented toolbox for efficient and accurate audio system optimization, customers such as Rolls Royce, BMW, Bentley and Datasat Digital Entertainment have achieved dramatically improved sound quality and a shortened time-to-market. Dirac Research maintains offices in Sweden, Japan, USA, China and Korea.
GlobalEdge is embedded software solutions and service company focused on Wireless, Telecom and IP Networking Technologies. It has been a leader in delivering solutions and services in wireless, platform and multimedia to customers world-wide. GlobalEdge’s customer base spans Semiconductor vendors, CPE OEMs and Consumer Electronics Companies. GlobalEdge’s software processes have been assessed at SEI CMM Level 5, certified for ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 27001:2005.
Excelocity builds turnkey custom software Communication Gateways for Telecommunications Vendors both big and small! We are the experts in building converged Voice and Video over Packet (V2oP) gateways that can be embedded in your existing products or developed as new stand-alone products. The type of solutions can be anything from embedded gateways in set top boxes, residential gateways and carrier grade multi-media gateways to enterprise gateways.
GlobalEdge is a product engineering company, constantly designing and defining the behavior of objects and things around us. The company induces intelligence in things to make global enterprises smarter in a new connected world. In a world of connected things, we also deliver solutions that are specific to the Internet of Things. With our rich experience in platform play, multimedia, connectivity, and cloud solutions, GlobalEdge is a perfect fit as an IoT partner to global enterprises. With an eye for excellence, GlobalEdge’s processes are certified at SEI CMM Level 5, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001
GlobalLogic is a full-lifecycle product development services leader that combines deep domain expertise and cross-industry experience to connect makers with markets worldwide. Using insight gained from working on innovative products and disruptive technologies, we collaborate with customers to show them how strategic research and development can become a tool for managing their future. Headquartered in the United States, GlobalLogic operates design and engineering centers around the world, extending the benefits of its authentic global presence to customers in digital media, electronics, healthcare, infrastructure, finance, retail, and telecom industries. The company works with both start-ups and industry leaders, including many of the world’s top hardware, software, and consumer brands.
Gnrgy is an energy efficiency company developing a modular & centrally controlled smart grid via a wireless network. Gnrgy has a vibrant and enthusiastic team which managed to reach the first generation release in less than one year and well below expected costs. The company is seeking partnerships with energy companies, channels for serving the government and enterprise markets and car manufacturers and car manufacturer suppliers for partnership with the EV charging solution.
Ikanos develops robust, high performance semiconductor and software products. Their advanced communications processors, broadband DSL and other devices power access infrastructure and customer premises equipment for many of the world’s leading network equipment manufacturers and telecommunications service providers. With more than 330 million ports shipped to date, they enable the cost-effective delivery of triple- and quadruple-play services to and throughout homes and offices around the world.
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices.
LS Research
LS Research is a global leader in enabling advanced wireless technology platforms including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, BLE, RFID, MICS, NFC, ANT+, 802.15.4, DECT, and ZigBee. LSR is the only wireless product development company providing turnkey M2M System Solutions with Design Services, on-site FCC / IC / CE Testing and Certification, and a broad line of RF modules.
Media5 is a global supplier of multimedia communications solutions for fixed and mobile service providers. Headquartered in Canada with regional offices in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, Media5 products are certified, distributed, and installed in more than 70 countries worldwide
Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC) offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for communications, defense & security, aerospace and industrial markets. Products include high-performance and radiation-hardened analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs; power management products; timing and synchronization devices and precise time solutions, setting the world’s standard for time; voice processing devices; RF solutions; discrete components; security technologies and scalable anti-tamper products; Power-over-Ethernet ICs and midspans; as well as custom design capabilities and services. Microsemi is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., and has approximately 3,400 employees globally.
Mindspeed Technologies Inc. designs, develops and sells semiconductor solutions for communications applications in the wireline and wireless network infrastructure, which includes enterprise networks, broadband access networks (fixed and mobile), and metropolitan and wide area networks. We have organized our solutions for these interrelated and rapidly converging networks into three families. Our communications convergence processing (CCP) products include ultra-low-power, multi-core digital signal processor (DSP) system-on-chip (SoC) products for the fixed and mobile (3G/4G/LTE) carrier infrastructure and residential and enterprise service platforms. Our high-performance analog (HPA) products solve difficult switching, timing and synchronization challenges in next-generation optical networking, enterprise storage and broadcast video transmission applications. Our wide area networking (WAN) communications portfolio helps optimize today’s circuit-switched networks. Mindspeed’s products are sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for use in a variety of network infrastructure equipment which serves these markets.
ProSyst is a software vendor, offering the middleware for the Internet of Things. Our roots are in the field of Java, OSGi and embedded software. In general, the company is entirely focused on open standards technology and open, modular and neutral software platforms for service providers and device manufacturers to deploy apps and services.
Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) is the world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies. Qualcomm Incorporated includes Qualcomm’s licensing business, QTL, and the vast majority of its patent portfolio. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, operates, along with its subsidiaries, substantially all of Qualcomm’s engineering, research and development functions, and substantially all of its products and services businesses, including its semiconductor business, QCT. For more than 25 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven the evolution of digital communications, linking people everywhere more closely to information, entertainment and each other.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. is one of the world’s leading IC providers. Realtek designs and develops a wide range of IC products for communications network, computer peripheral, and multimedia applications. Products include 10/100/1000M Ethernet Controllers/PHYs, 10/100/1000M Ethernet Switch Controllers/Media Converter Controllers/Gateway Controllers, Wireless LAN Controllers & AP/Router SoCs, DSL Chips, VoIP Solutions, High Fidelity Audio Solutions for Mobile and PC Applications, Clock Generators, Card Reader Controllers, Web Camera Controllers, LCD Monitor/ATV/DTV Controllers, and Digital Home Center Controllers. With advanced design expertise in RF, analog, and mixed signal circuits, and with strong manufacturing and system knowledge, Realtek offers full-featured, high-performance, and competitive total solutions.
Roc Connect
ROC Connect is a leading provider of Smart Home as a Service to retailers, service providers, utilities, insurance companies, and other major channel partners. They operate a cloud platform that supports open standards to enable smart home devices from different vendors to be monitored and controlled through a single user interface or app. ROC Connect work B2B and brand the platform and services for partners that want to generate new revenues by deploying smart home products and services to their customer base.
ROCKETHOME is a leading provider of home energy management and smart home systems in Europe. Its products cover the areas of home energy management, smart home systems, and security in a single solution platform. Combining the benefits of internet with Smart Energy technology, ROCKETHOME software increases energy efficiency and gives effective control over private and commercial premises. Service providers from the energy industry, telecommunications, and other fields rely on ROCKETHOME’s expertise in developing their product offerings for private and corporate customers. The company, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Cologne, has satisfied over 30 well-known companies and partners in six European countries on the basis of its unique approach.
Sensory, Inc. is the leader in speech technologies for consumer products, offering a complete line of IC and software-only solutions for speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, music synthesis and more. Sensory’s products are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile, automotive, Bluetooth™ devices, toys, and various home electronics. With its TrulyHandsfree™ voice control, Sensory has set the standard for mobile handset platforms’ ultra-low power “always listening” technology for speech recognition, eliminating the need for touching the device. To date, more than 40 mobile phones have shipped with Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree™, and many more leading OEMs are expected to release Sensory technologies such as wake up triggers, command and control, speaker verification, and user defined triggers.
SoftAtHome is an operator-backed software company delivering the best of connectivity, Pay TV and digital services to the home. Through its SOP product SoftAtHome empowers operators to compete against local competition and global players alike by leveraging the ecosystem to deliver outstanding services. SOP is central to delivering standard based cost-effective solutions that are simple and long lasting. SoftAtHome solutions are already deployed on over 17 million Home Gateways and Set Top Box throughout the world in multiple broadband and broadcast deployments. The company is headquartered in France with development and sales teams also in Belgium and the UAE.